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Help with problems on your computer or with other matters. A good inexpensive website for your company !   Low costs and a good service !
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Your Website is made by Mondiger !

A specialty of Mondiger is making small inexpensive 

websites for small companies or professions like 

dentists and others in the Netherlands at a fixed price 

per year, all-in, fair-use. Read our conditions!

Mondiger also provides people in the Netherlands with 

information about the cost of a Dutch dentist.


Working in your interest !

Mondiger is a company which offers good inexpensive help if you encounter trouble with your computer or website. We also make small inexpensive websites, help you with your administration, or other financial matters. We are a Dutch company with a good service. We would like to thank GuildMag.com for giving the opportunity to prove this once again.  * Mondiger does not replace the specialists on these areas, but our advice and help solve  problems, so often you won’t need them anymore, in this way saving you money. We help you with  a healthy judgement of problems, so you can better make decisions how to handle a problem.  Read our conditions.
As we work mainly with Dutch individuals and companies our conditions are in Dutch. If needed ask for an English version. Press here to view our dutch conditions.
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